7 Seas Casino Fringo

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Welcom to Fringo!

The goal of Fringo is to win rounds to earn the most Fringo Points and Coins. Fringo Points accumulate as you play and allow you to unlock new islands with more power-ups and larger bets!

Play Fringo, collect Fringo Points and visit multiple islands like Topolini Island!

7 Seas Casino features:

  • FREE casino games such as slots, bingo, poker, mahjong, solitaire, blackjack and more!
  • Exclusive slots in port destinations (i.e. Hawaii, Cairo, Paris, Tokyo, Bali, etc.).
  • Fun minigames in port destinations and sea destinations where you can win special prizes!
  • Milestone Rewards - the more you play, the more you get to unlock awesome rewards!
  • Amazing animated avatars that you can customize with clothes, hairstyles and accessories.
  • Charms that help boost your winnings when you play games.



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