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The Walkers have returned from vacation re-energized and with a new business inspiration. They noticed that in the mornings their restaurant is almost empty. Folks are in a rush having no time to wait for elaborate meals. For most of them, coffee and a donut before work are more than enough.

So the Walker family decided that Animalville definitely needs a perfect coffeehouse. Hard workers will be able to grab coffee to go, and residents with more relaxed lives will be able to sit at the tables and pamper themselves with exotic varieties of coffee and delicious pastries.

The whole family was excited about this idea. Now all they need are your sharp eyes and skillful hands to get the best equipment and some stylish furniture for the coffeehouse. Join a new amazing coffee adventure with the Walkers!

  • NEW coffee-themed items to play with!
  • 140 clutter puzzles and 20 additional puzzles!
  • Relaxing sounds and music masterpieces for enjoyable gameplay!
  • Favorite characters and funny dialogues!
  • Colorful graphics and real challenges for all the fans of puzzles
  • Carrot Macchiato, Tropical Iced Coffee, Hazelnut Mochaccino, Diet Frappé and other specialties created by the Walkers!
  • Learn which coffee drinks each member of the Walker family prefers!


JetDogs Studios

Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.0 GHz or higher



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