Unsolved Case: Above the Law Collector's Edition

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Unsolved Case: Above the Law Collector's Edition


Do Games Presents: Unsolved Case: Above the Law - A Brand-New Hidden Object Adventure

A city is shaken and on edge after the high-profile murder of its mayor! It seems that the murderer has no respect for the law, and it becomes clear that anyone could be the next target. It's up to you to bring the perpetrator to justice and calm the frayed nerves of the locals. Along with your inexperienced young partner, you'll have to investigate crime scenes, go undercover to find crucial evidence, and even figure out who you can trust.

This will be a case like no other, and the stakes are at their highest. Can you unravel this mystery and, together with your scattered allies, bring justice to a city in need?

Game Features:

  • Play as an undercover agent in this thrilling hidden object adventure game to solve a high-profile murder case!
  • Uncover clues and solve intricate puzzles on your path to victory!
  • Make decisions that will dramatically alter the lives and direction of the characters!
  • Unlock achievements by finding all of the clues!

Special Collector's Edition bonuses and features:

  • Continue the story with an exclusive bonus chapter in this hidden object adventure game!
  • Go behind the scenes with an extensive collection of concept art!
  • Replay your favorite puzzles and mini-games!

Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.6 GHZ or higher



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