Jewel Match Super Pack

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Jewel Match Twilight
A creepy-crawly match 3 game. It has 120 sinister levels, 3 spooky modes and dozens of eerie bonus games. Unlock 7 power ups and listen to the spellbinding soundtrack. Explore haunted castles and secret crypts in Jewel Match Twilight today!

Jewel Match 2
A gorgeous match 3 wonderland in which the cares of life fade away. Line up brightly colored jewels and eliminate tiles in 150 levels of match 3 puzzles. Once you've cleared a grid, you must take on the added challenge of dropping artifacts to the bottom of the game board before time runs out! Collect coins as you progress and use them to purchase special powers, like the ability to break the chains locking certain gems in place, send lighting ripping through tiles, and more. But the real beauty of Jewel Match 2 is using the gems you've collected to build majestic castles within photo realistic scenes and saving them as your desktop wallpaper!

Jewel Match 3

Journey through the mesmerizing world of Nevernear in this match-3 adventure! Match dazzling gems across 100 sprawling levels. Seek and find through numerous fantasy locations to discover new spells and help young Luna restore the land to its former glory. Play Jewel Match 3 now!

Jewel Match IV
A missing wizard needs your help! In Jewel Match 4, you are a recent graduate of the Magic University and must use your new skills to search Varanah for the mysterious wizard in more than 50 Match 3 levels. Enlist the help of wizards, sorceresses, leprechauns and other mysterious characters. A moving Match 3 board, 5 unique game modes and fun minigames will keep you on your toes. Play Jewel Match 4 today!

Jewel Match Royale
Restore magnificent castles in a royal match-3 adventure! Traverse vast levels to help Matthew, the son of the royal gardener, to win the hand of Princess Sofia, the heir to throne of Nerinia. Although Matthew is a wealthy man, he is still considered a commoner in the eyes of the nobility, and has but one path to becoming a nobleman: a challenge set to him by ruling Queen Meredith to restore the kingdom's long-abandoned legacy castles and estates. Purchase unique power-ups in the Shop and use additional resources gathered from bonus games to add special decorations to make each restoration unique. With the successful completion of each renovation, Matthew is awarded a higher noble status, from lowly Knight all the way to honored Duke, bringing him step-by-step closer to his dream of marrying his beloved Sofia!

Jewel Match Snowscapes
Take a trip to a magical, snowy winter wonderland. Collect toys, upgrade 6 different scenes and find 7 power-ups to help you on your adventure. Play Jewel Match Snowscapes today!

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


Pentium 4 - 2.0 Ghz or better



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