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Spellarium 10

Prepare for an enchanting puzzle quest in Spellarium 10, where magic and strategy collide in a symphony of Match-3 mastery! This game is not just a test of wits—it's a journey through a Magical Land where the power of elemental crystals reigns supreme.

Eric's Epic Challenge: The gods have decreed, and Eric, our intrepid hero, must heed the call. The task? To cultivate the elusive elemental crystals and secure them in a sanctuary of his own making. But beware, for the art of growing these potent gems is fraught with difficulty, and their storage even more so.

A Town Awaits Its Maker: As Eric, you will not only harness the elements but also architect a new town from the ground up. Each Match-3 level you conquer is a step towards this grand vision, with 110 new levels that promise to keep your puzzle-solving skills sharp and your interest piqued.

Features to Spellbind and Delight:

  • Elemental Crystals: Cultivate and curate a collection of powerful crystals.
  • Match-3 Mastery: Challenge yourself with 110 innovative Match-3 levels.
  • Diverse Puzzles: Indulge in mahjong, solitaire, jigsaw puzzles, and hidden object scenes.
  • Town Building: Erect a town that stands as a testament to your puzzle prowess.

For the Puzzle Adventurer: Whether you're an adult seeking a fantasy escape or a young adult enchanted by beautiful graphics, Spellarium 10 offers an addictive gameplay experience that transcends age. Dive into a world where solving match-3 puzzles is just the beginning of the adventure.

Join Eric on his divine mission and become the master of elements in Spellarium 10 - where every match is a step towards saving a magical world.



Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.6 GHZ or higher



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