The Adventures of Jason and The Argonauts

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This exciting Match 3 adventure game takes you on a journey beyond the edge of the world. Join ancient Greek heroes - Jason and the Argonauts - in search of the Golden Fleece.

Discover equipment elements hidden in a chest on the Match 3 board and keep them in store for future use. Uncover hidden plans and design a newly founded ancient city by choosing among 3 models of each facility you plan to build. Win the favor of the Gods of the Olympus and use their blessings as mighty Power Ups. Fight mythical creatures and use the magic potion to put a spell on them. Find your way back across the raging sea that moves your Match 3 items on its own free will. Find pieces of the map hidden in the chest at the end of every chapter to learn where to go further on your quest.

Choose your own level of challenge with or without time limitation. Play swap, chain and group levels of Match 3 and enjoy various Mini Games through 9 chapters of the mythical adventure. Follow the Sorceress's Whispers to find out what your next challenge is.



Game Languages

Release Date


Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


Pentium 4 - 1.0 GHz or better



DirectX Version

9.0 or above

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