Legendary Mosaics: The Dwarf and the Terrible Cat

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Something was off in the Enchanted Forest ... the birds didn't sing, the flowers didn't blossom. The local Dwarf stumbled upon a scroll lying around in the grass. It was a cry for help from the fairy!

The Wicked Wizard of the forest had casted a sinister spell that put everything in a state of eternal darkness...

The Dwarf is ready to begin his mission! He will need to explore the depths of the forest, solve tricky puzzles, free the fairies and help them break the evil curse.

Tag along with the dwarf and the cat and take a crack at the puzzles yourself!
  • Play in both night and day modes. Change the look of background and tiles as you like. Pick among 12 types of tiles and 12 background patterns.
  • Festive images, animation and music for entering...
  • 4 difficulty modes from single color relaxed playing to real challenges with color switching (up to 6 colors) and intuitive zen mode.
  • 100 color-coded nonograms, plus 40 extra nonograms.
  • Enigmatic semi-abstract festive images to be disclosed on each level
  • A heap of fun and a good deal of beauty


JetDogs Studios

Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.0 GHz or higher



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